About Me

Born and raised in England,  I graduated with a Fashion and Textile degree from what was then the University of Aston in Birmingham, England. Following graduation, I promptly married the love of my life who happened to be an American. I gave birth to our first child within a year and the three of us came to live in his home state of Washington.

I spent the next several years raising children, only dabbling in my craft and secretly dreaming of returning to England. But reality eventually set in and it became clear it was time to contribute to the “family fortune”. So on a whim, I entered the corporate world of the USA and launched myself in to a financial services career where I stayed for the next 20 years. The children are grown, the husband is gone and I am finding a new way of being and doing.

After 20 plus years in the corporate world I am returning to my creative roots and in the weeks to come, you’ll see images and descriptions of my handmade duds for tots and dogs. Oh yes, and offerings for grown folks too (that’s “people stuff”!

As a fashion and textile design major my love for fabric, color and texture are still strong and the creative process continues to feed and soothe the soul. So I wandered back to this path when the corporate job went south. How and why? First, when I found myself helping my son with interior decor projects to get a new business off the ground. Then when love for my son and daughter-in-law’s sweet pups grew into dreaming up designer doggie coats and other “creature comforts”. But most of all, because much love and encouragement from both sons and their wives spurred me on to this new challenge. To learn more or questions, email me at susan@hottogsdesigns.com